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It’s not just WHAT you eat – it’s HOW!

It’s not just WHAT you eat – it’s HOW!

Your parents probably scolded you for bolting your food as a child, and told you to take smaller bites and chew properly. That’s good advice, not just because shovelling your food down is bad table manners (you may not care about that anymore!) but because it’s overall better for your digestion…and your waistline. Now, are you sitting comfortably? We’re about to tell you how the presentation and consumption of your meal can help you shed weight!


Serve yourself in slightly smaller plates and bowls, and use a smaller spoon. This helps you eat less in the same amount of time.

Serve a large glass of water with every meal – pour it out beforehand, and take small sips between mouthfuls. You’ll feel fuller much quicker, as it contributes to filling up your stomach!

Set your table and lay everything out nicely – make sure eating is an enjoyable experience! You’ll be encouraged to savour your food more. Being more aware of eating and the experience of eating helps you feel satisfied for longer.

Focus on the taste of your food. Try to concentrate on it and get the maximum amount of enjoyment out of every morsel. If you’re eating a food you normally dislike, try to make it as tasty as possible when cooking!

Chew each mouthful several times – up to 40 times is the ideal! You’ll eat up to 12% less and feel just as full. This gives your stomach time to signal to your brain that it is satisfied, which means you never over-eat.

A survey by Subway, across 1000 people, showed that the average person in the UK chews just 6 times before swallowing! Busy youngsters between 25-34 were the worst of all! Another study found that obese people, while chewing at the same speed, swallowed their food much quicker than others in a study.

All these measures do mean that you’ll eat your food more slowly. But that’s not a bad thing. Eating slowly helps people to consume about a 100 less calories! Now that’s worth scheduling some extra time during your day.

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