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Why water really is ‘the elixir of life’

Why water really is ‘the elixir of life’

Why water really is ‘the elixir of life’

Most of us take water for granted. After all, how often are we short of it? But imagine going just a day without any water at all. You wouldn’t be able to brush your teeth, have a bath, have a cool drink of water when you’re thirsty, do your laundry, water your plants, cook, make tea, wash your car – there would be so many restrictions and it would be an overall lousy day. And water is even more important to your body than it is to your lifestyle. You’re made up of around 60% water, and it’s essential to most of your body’s functions! Here are just a few things water does, which is why it’s SO important to stay hydrated.

  1. It helps with weight loss! People often think thirst is hunger, and eat instead of drinking a cool glass of water. Folk in the habit of having a glass of water before meals also eat less, as the water (0 calories!) has kept them full!
  2. If there is any one substance that can prolong life and enhance its quality, it is water. No wonder then, that it is known as the elixir of life!
  3. Water helps digest your food and then transports nutrients across your body.
  4. It also helps to regulate your body temperature! Staying hydrated will keep you warm or cool enough to suit your surroundings.
  5. It keeps your skin looking fab! Dehydration makes your skin dry up and look wrinkly – staying hydrated keeps your skin firm and plump.
  6. One of dehydration’s first symptoms is tiredness! Don’t grab a coffee till you’ve had a tall glass of water and watched its effects. Water is what keeps athletes going, and what you need after a long workout to fight exhaustion and keep your fluid balance.
  7. Being hydrated keeps you more cheerful. Dehydration, as I’m sure you’ve experienced, can have a really negative impact on mood.
  8. Brain tissue shrinks when dehydrated! If that’s a scary image, drink lots of water to stay alert and keep your attention span, memory and motor skills intact. It’s best to be hydrated when you need to think clearly.
  9. Ward off headaches by drinking three or four glasses of water over an hour or two – there’s a good chance your headache will lessen, or even disappear.
  10. Water keeps your joints lubricated, keeping the cartilage around them healthy, and also protects your spinal cord and the surrounding tissues. Drink plenty of water or some hot soup when your joints and muscles act up.
  11. Drinking lots of water helps your kidneys and liver flush out waste products – which can ward off kidney stones, piles and even bladder and colon cancers.
  12. Water can keep hangovers at bay! Alcohol is extremely dehydrating, so having a glass of water to balance each alcoholic drink can keep the morning-after misery away.

So there you have it – that’s why you should drink PLENTY of water, whether you’re on a weight-loss diet or not! There’s no downside – it really is the elixir of life.

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