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Eat Water Slim Pasta, Noodles and Rice

The Slim Range from Eat Water looks distinctly scary – purpley, squishy packaging, blindingly white slithery noodles – what were we going to be eating?….. But in fact, they were really excellent – unusual, but excellent.

Sold as much as a slimming food (they have virtually no calories) as a ‘freefrom’ food, the range includes noodles, fettuccine, spaghetti, penne and rice – all made with the same three ingredients: water, moyu or konjac and firming agent calcium hydroxide. Konjac is a plant grown in China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan and southeast Asia, from the corm of which they make a gelatinous, fibrous substance which can be turned into noodles, rice and pasta, among other things. The texture is definitely gelatinous, but in a really nice, slightly chewy way – a cross between seaweed and a rice noodle! Konjac has plenty of fibre but is free from sugar, gluten, fat, salt, calories – and nutrition!

We tried the noodles and fettuccine in Vegusto’s dairy free cheese sauce – which worked really well – we were positively licking the bowl.

The Slim Rice is like a very small basmati grain in size, though not quite as substantial. We ate it with garlic, greens and mushrooms, and it was delicious.

All the products are very easy to prepare – remove from packaging, rinse in warm water, and then add to your stir fry or heat up in a pan for a couple of minutes. Given that they are also free from wheat, gluten, dairy, egg, corn, soya and nut and that work really well as a pasta/noodle/rice replacement, we think that these are really great products.

Available from a range of health food stores, including Holland and Barrett, Revital and The Nutri Centre, as well as from independent stores, the products cost approximately £2.55 for a 200g bag, that could happily feed two.