Healthy Pasta- A Myth or A Fact

Italian delicacy turned into one of the most consumed dishes around the world, Pasta has reached more feats in the culinary realm than one can count. There is no scarcity of flavors and ways in which pasta can be cooked and enjoyed. Moreover, there is no scarcity even when it comes to the types of Pasta. There is Penne, Spaghetti, Fettuccine, Ravioli, etc. – endless variety and ways to enjoy the ever-loved food item from almost every menu.

Even though dishes like pasta feels amazing on the palate, there are plenty of fitness freaks out there who have sworn by their regiment to not include Pasta as a meal in their plan. The reason is simple- the nutrition chart of pasta is very high on carbs. Not entirely true. Carbs are needed for energy. Not just that, the most commonly available pasta are made with refined flour which contains several other components that are not considered very friendly towards the slimming plans. Let’s have a detailed look.

Pasta- Conventionality Gone Wrong

Figuratively speaking, conventionally used Pasta forms are very heavy on carbohydrates. One serving of 100 grams contains approximately 32 grams of carbohydrates and 158 calories. The high level of carbs is accompanied by 2 grams of fiber. Considering these values, it is very evident that pasta only provides empty carbohydrates to the meals- not very favorable for people considered about what they east throughout the day. High carbs may result in high blood sugar and high gluten can cause an immune reaction for intolerant people. With this many nutritional hazards in the picture, Pasta clearly does not stand the chance of being included in the diet plan of a health freak.

Does Whole Grain Pasta Make A Difference?

In a way, yes. Whole grain pasta is high in fiber and hence provides something substantial to the diet apart from just plain carbohydrates. But even after the increased fiber level, whole-grain pasta stays in the same line as that of refined flour when it comes to carbohydrates and other minerals and vitamins. Flour is pulverized in order to make pasta and make it lose its benefits which foods like whole grains oats, musli, etc. have.

Slim Pasta - An Equally Delicious & Healthy Solution

Slim Pasta Range originally designed and manufactured by Eat Water was made in order to create a healthy and equally tasty alternative to the conventional pasta dishes. Made with a modified version of the popular Japanese Konjac Flour- Juroat has 0 carbs. Juroat C does have some carbs (no drain) and 50% lesser calories in comparison to the conventional or whole-grain forms. It contains double the fibers that the normal pasta has which makes it the best option among all the forms made available to the fitness freaks. Taste is made to stay intact, and the nutrition value is increased as a result of years of rigorous research and development.