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Hari Pokhrel

Hari Pokhrel

“2.8 million people die each year as a result of diet-related chronic diseases” – WHO

I’m just a chef who loves to cook. I don’t come from a medical background or have access to research facilities to carry out elaborate tests and provide you with empirical data. However, I do have a story to share with you.

My brother was recently diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes, and as a result of his long struggle with weight management and improper diet, he was advised by his doctor to lose 3st (20kg). If he didn’t lose the said weight, he was told he would surely develop serious heart complications among other medical issues related to being overweight.

I remember the concern on his face upon hearing the news and decided to help him with simple recipes to help improve his eating habits. Being diabetic and overweight left very little choice for him, so I searched the net and to my surprise found Eat Water® Slim Pasta, Rice and Noodles with zero carbs – the overweight diabetic’s dream come true!

When I received my order of Slim Pasta, I wasn’t sure how it would taste, so I tried a few strands of spaghetti. It tasted like water – not a bad start! Using a few ingredients here and there, I made a simple spaghetti bolognese. It tasted just like the real meal. That’s when my brother and I fell in love with Eat Water® foods.

I’m most pleased to announce that my brother has lost 2 stones since his conversion to the Eat Water® range and is enjoying his low carb balanced meals very much. He feels a lot healthier, lighter and his diabetes is well within manageable limits, thanks to his new diet.

I would recommend anyone trying to lose weight, to give the Eat Water® range a try. I am honoured that Eat Water® featured my recipes, and it’s my pleasure to be of help to anyone struggling to lose weight.

It has been a long journey into the culinary world for Hari Krishna Pokhrel, who describes his evolution with humility and poise.

What is your current goal?

It has always been a life-long aspiration to be able to cook and experiment with different cuisines from all over the world. Being a Master Chef requires many years of experience coupled with determination; so far I have been humbled by all the opportunities that I have taken up.

What is a typical day’s diet?

As a chef, I’m essentially cooking, thinking about and tasting food all day. This is the challenge each professional chef faces each day in the kitchen. But inspite of being around great food all the time,  I do manage to eat right.

My breakfast includes anything that is protein rich, could be a protein shake or some cottage cheese with salsa and greens – that way I have something in my stomach before I go to work. It’s easier to watch what you’re eating when you’re not starving. The rest of the day just involves tasting everything that is being cooked and served anyway. Nothing goes out of the kitchen until a chef tastes it, to maintain quality standards. I do grab some fruits, juices or smoothies through the day. But I never eat a full meal, so I’m not hungry, but never fully satisfied either.

I get home by mid-night, so there’s no question, I’m famished by then. Dinner is with what I unwind at end of the day. It’s the sense of a hard day’s work finished off by a hearty meal. Dinner could be a meat, potatoes or vegetables tossed in olive oil, a chicken or sea food salad with a light dressing, and a glass of juice to wash it down.

Why the Slim Foods range?

The restaurant I work for, gets many requests for gluten free or very low calorie meals. I personally use the Slim Foods range in my restaurant and recommend it to everyone who wants to enjoy a good meal while consuming fewer calories.

Favourite Slim foods range?

I like them all. For a chef the more the variety, the merrier he gets!