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Kapil Lakhani

Kapil Lakhani

I have had experiences ranging from coaching martial arts to personal training clients including special populations. Currently I work for Richmond Borough’s sports centres and also work as a freelance personal health coach.

What is your current goal?

My future aspirations are to expand my Sho-navkan brand by offering products ranging from eBooks, audio CD’s and videos.

What is your proudest achievement?

My proudest achievement was when I launched my own brand, Sho-navkan, in 2008. I never realised that this would lead to opening so many doors towards success especially my radio show with the BBC relating to matters on health & fitness.

What is a typical day’s diet?

My diet is very simple; I eat different food groups throughout the day.
Breakfast: Bowl of cereal with goat’s milk, boiled eggs, either fresh coffee or green tea with honey, dried blueberries, either a banana or an apple. Occasionally I will have a freshly baked croissant and a banana milk shake with dried chopped dates.
Lunch: I would have steamed vegetables, pasta (twice a week only), avocado sandwich, pineapple juice and some dried fruits.
Dinner: I will have mixed salad, scrambled eggs, and various types of beans and yogurt
Supplements: Daily I drink fish tissue oil (Eskimo) and formula IV – vitamins and minerals capsule.

How would you motivate someone to get fit, healthy and active and what advice would you give her/him?

Motivating clients emotionally and physically is initially a difficult process as changes to their behavior towards physical training and life style takes time. My personal belief is that if a client sticks to a new healthy habit for first 28 days then he/she is more likely to stick with this newly formed habit.
In addition, when clients are seeing results such as decrease in body fat and progressing with their training (improved mobility through stronger muscles) then this will keep them motivated.
I always tell my clients to eat lots of plant based foods and fish (lower the intake of sugar, salt and flour); perform high intensity strength training routines (2/3 times a week) and strive for good quality sleep.