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Nichola Whitehead

Nichola Whitehead

I blog, tweet and make YouTube videos about healthy recipes, product reviews as well as diet and lifestyle tips.
What is your current goal?
I have a passion for helping people to live healthy and happy lives whilst still enjoying those little treats guilt free. My goal is to let as many people as possible know about those simply swaps that you can make to achieve any diet or lifestyle goals.
What is your proudest achievement?
My proudest achievement was last year when I had my research paper on diabetes and caffeine published in the Journal of Human of Nutrition and Dietetics having received my MSc in Health Science.
What is a typical day’s diet?
A typical day for me is:
Breakfast: Porridge made with skimmed or almond milk, topped with chopped banana and cinnamon Lunch: Cottage cheese salad with crackers and a yogurt Evening Meal: Veggie or turkey burger with sweet potato, vegetables, and sweet chili dipping sauce Snacks: Fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts and dark chocolate.
How would you motivate someone to get fit, healthy and active and what advice would you give?
My biggest piece of advice is to never tell yourself that you’re “on a diet” or to ban any foods. Think of eating healthily as a permanent lifestyle change. I personally promote the 80/20 rule: If you’re eating healthily 80% of the time then you can afford to treat yourself the other 20%.
Why the Slim® foods range?
Although we shouldn’t ‘evilize’ carbs, it can be easy to sometimes over-eat and over-indulge on highly refined, low fiber carbs such as white bread and white pasta (think pizzas and baguettes!). Even if you do make the switch to the whole meal varieties e.g. granary bread or wholemeal pasta, portion control is still issue for some people. Big portions usually equal big calories, whereas if you’re increasing the portions of low calorie, high volume foods such as vegetables, salad and fibrous foods (such as the Slim® Foods range) then you will be left feeling fuller but without the added calories.
Favorite Slim® foods range?
My favorite slim foods range is definitely Slim Pasta® Fettuccine – it goes perfectly with my ‘Healthy Turkey Pasta Recipe’ that can be found here: http://nicsnutrition.com/recipe/turkey-pasta/