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A study on healthy eating for students

A study on healthy eating for students

Tips and tricks on eating well as a student are awesome, specially when time, space and money is limited! And to top it all, when you’re trying to stretch your student loan. It’s really a challenge to create bright, colorful, healthy meals that fit into a busy life on a student budget.

Here are a few recipe ideas and easy ways to make your eating enjoyable. These tips can be followed by those who wish to make the hallowed & travel further up the value chain.

Organic is great, but can wait

If you had the £s to spare, sure you’d buy organic, free range, locally produced food to ensure you were really getting health onto your plate. But reality dictates that at this time of your life you buy affordable. Fruit and veg usually retailing at £1, are great, especially if they’re local. So stack up more fruits and veggies onto your plate, even if they’re not organic; that’s better than living off living off toast, pasta and foods of that ilk!

Buy organic when you can afford it; till then don’t try to major on the minors.

A study on healthy eating for students

Open the door to wisdom

If you plan and prepare in advance, you can save loads by cooking things from scratch rather than buying pre-cooked options. Making almond milk yourself on Sundays takes 5 minutes, even as you save bypassing the ready-made versions on shelves. Healthy snacks are pricey, so try making your own.

Try planning for snacks during the weekend, when you have a little time; so you don’t have to panic dealing with weekday hunger; even as you save. In a time crunch, order some nuts or seeds via online deals, and keep a little mix of these handy.

Eating together goes beyond bonding

Eating together and taking daily turns to cook, is a great way to save time and money; even as you enjoy delicious, home cooked meals every night. This money-saving routine as awesome, as you only have to worry about buying ingredients once a week.

The alternative to this is cooking larger quantities of food and freezing them for the next few days. Apart from compromising on variety, you certainly will save on money and ingredient remains.

This is also a nutritious heat-and-eat alternative when you arrive home starving. Variety can be brought in by paring your frozen food with fresh salads and other healthy additions.

Blessed are those who freeze

If you have a freezer well stocked with frozen fruits and veggies, you well on you way to whipping up some great smoothies, soups, or desserts, while saving money in the bargain. Frozen berries, or bananas are great for garnishing your porridge or pancake mix.

Besides preventing waste, freezing food is a great back-up and money savings plan for those really hungry evenings or nights.

Do the can thing

For your fibre intake, give beans a go. They’re high in fibre and protein, and really cheap. Coupling a can of beans with some Asian ingredients, will fetch you a great meal for two. There really is no excuse whatsoever. Canned tomatoes, coconut milk and other such foods, are cheaper, convenient, store-able options to eating out.

Spice up things a lil’

Cooking with garlic and spices can turn anything, specially veggies into great-tasting dishes. Garlic and spices sautéed with spinach, quinoa or beans cooked in tomato sauce, can turn out in something awesome. Cooking this in quantities, will take it a long way.

While shopping for and preparing healthy meals made from nourishing ingredients, is in the end an investment in your own health, fitness and future.


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