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Celebrate World Vegan Day!

Celebrate World Vegan Day!

Every November the world celebrates Vegan Day! Whether you’re a seasoned veggie or a lover of meat, why not try being vegan for the day. Grab a soya latte and a dairy-free brownie and find out how you can cut down your meat and dairy consumption this month.

1.Start Meatless Mondays

Meatless Mondays can be a novel way to cut down your consumption of animal products. There are many meat alternatives on the market, the majority of which has positive reviews from meat-eaters and vegans alike. On Monday evening, make a vegan chow mein. Just throw all your veggies into a wok and heat your Slim Noodles for 1 minutes in the microwave. Easy peasy vegan!

2. Use Milk Alternatives

A simple way of minimising your dairy intake is by substituting cows milk with ‘mylks’ like soya, coconut, or oat. Challenge yourself to try something new when you order a latte and give soya milk a go. If you’re not a fan of soya milk, coconut milk has a naturally sweet taste and works well in coffee too!

world vegan day how to

3. Prepare Your Food

There is a higher chance of reaching for convenience food, and therefore items that contain meat and dairy, when you’re hungry. If you want to try being vegan you may have to prepare your food. Or, if you like quick and simple food, our Slim Cooking range is 100% vegan and can be made in minutes. Tasty!

4. Get Creative!

Vegan food doesn’t mean boring; far from it! Try new foods and incorporate your fav ones into recipes like Penne Arrabiata or Sweet Mandarin Sweet & Sour Noodles. Veggies are a bit part of being vegan but you can still get creative and play around with recipes so they suit your taste and diet.

5. Be Mindful

A huge step to cutting down meat and dairy is to be mindful of what you’re putting into your body; it is surprising what some food contains! All fresh pasta, for example, contains egg so use alternatives like our Slim Spaghetti to whip up a tasty pasta dish. Once you start checking food labels you’ll be more aware of the ingredients and make a better decision for your health.

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