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How to stay healthy this Winter

How to stay healthy this Winter

As the air continues to cool and the days get shorter, it’s often hard to keep up your usual healthy routine. Not to mention the bombardment of mince pies and other seasonal treats during Winter! Everyone finds it a bit harder when its cold to motivate themselves but it is useful to remind yourself that your health equals your happiness. So, next time you reach for an indulgent treat, remember these five things.

Prepare Your Food

It is common to feel tired when you finish work and it is already dark. Tiredness can often lead to grabbing quick and unhealthy foods to satisfy your hunger. Try preparing a batch of pumpkin stew with Slim Pasta on the weekend that you can re-heat for dinner. It will save you time and mean you won’t get a takeaway when you’re not feeling in the mood to cook.

Eat Garlic…

Garlic is known for its ability to decrease the frequency of the common cold. Chop or mash a few cloves into a pan with some tomatoes and serve with Slim Spaghetti for an immune-boosting dinner.

… and Your Greens!

Don’t forget to cram your meals with veggies. Mushrooms, for example, will help you get some well-deserved vitamin D, the vitamin you usually get from the sun. Heat Slim No Drain Rice and throw in some red peppers and sweet potatoes for an extra kick of vitamin C.

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Try Alternatives

When Winter hits, all you want to do is reach for sugary treats. Whether its stollen or wine, try a low-sugar alternative. There are always healthier options when picking your fav treat so be conscious of your decisions. Opt for lower-calorie wine, for example, to curb your sugar intake.

Spice It Up

Turmeric, ginger, cayenne pepper, curry powder, the list is endless! Herbs and spices are used in natural remedies and can help boost your immune system.  If nothing else, a good dose of chilli will get rid out a cold!

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