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Cycle to Work (Every) Day

Cycle to Work (Every) Day

Most people choose to cycle to work, as a means of getting or staying in shape. As the UK once again celebrated ‘Cycle To Work Day’ on September 14th, many more would have joined the cycle trails.

Whatever be the stats, cycling to work is a great way to exercise and keep fit. The celebrations can continue well beyond Sept. 14th.

Depending on the length of your work commute, if you’ve never cycled longish distances before, here are some important facts you may need to know.

Cycle to Work (Every) Day

Research carried out among 9,752 cyclists reveals that 7% of the UKs working population, cycles for their commute. An estimated £38,000 was saved over 10 years, by those who switched from the car or public transport to the bike.

While many took advantage of their organisations cycle-to-work scheme to help fund new bikes, the key issue was health. Hence, getting fit was more important than everything else. The research also revealed that of almost 10,000 cyclists polled, around 77% cited health reasons as their main motivation to start cycling to work. Around 74% also said that cycling was an easy way to build exercise into day, without spending time in a gym.

The other advantages include, joining cycling clubs, cycling for charity, spending more time with family; avoiding rush hour traffic, feeling less stressed and overall getting a good start to the workday.

Cycling tips for first-timers

  • Ensure you’re confident in your ability to cycle the distance. If not, riding on weekends to build up distance and stamina, is a great way to begin
  • If doing both ways to and from work in a day is unworkable, look at doing part of your commute by public transport, viz. Parking at a bus/train stop.
  • Take routes that avoid busy truck roads, underpasses or roundabouts
  • Check your bike to ensure that it’s safe and roadworthy; fitted out with reflectors, a bell and front and rear lights
  • Buy two good locks, to lock both the wheels and frame to a secure bike stand

Encouraging numbers for cyclists or wannabes

  • Around 235 calories are burnt on the average cycle commute
  • Overall around £83m is saved annually, by cycle commuters taking one day less off sick each year
  • Approximately £2,000 is saved per year, by removing one car parking space in high-density urban areas
  • A whopping 44,000 tonnes of CO2 would be saved each week if all 5 mile commutes in the UK were made by bike

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