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Fighting Fit in 2016

Fighting Fit in 2016

‘Why do we do a feature like this during the second half of a calendar year?’, is probably what you’re thinking about, even as you read this. Reason is, the plethora of the crystal ball gazers at the beginning of the year for virtually every trend under the sun bound. Most people soon forget these predictions; so an apt post half-yearly round-up we guess, is quite in order.

After a year of high intensity fitness classes (HIIT) in 2015, there seems to be a marked leaning towards more holistic fitness regimens.

Fighting Fit in 2016

Stimulation – physical & mental

While Classical Pilates, Tai-Chi and Yoga have always hovered around gym and fitness regimen’s, in my opinion, more people have begun to be influenced by these disciplines during the year.

Mental health issues are increasingly being brought to the front burner; with an awareness that this focus helps to keep people balanced. It is perceived that more people will begin attending these classes in the near future.

Qualified Pilates and Yoga instructors can carefully guide their clients through the fitness world, and will never throw you in the deep, hoping you can swim, praying you won’t drown.

Tech & Wearable Tech

Technology, and in specially apps and wearable tech, will effect changes in the way we keep fit. With Apple and Nike teching us how to monitor and record our every step, most fitness fans are well informed and in control of their own schedules.

This has led more people taking their fitness into their own hands.

Apps and online resources will facilitate people exercising at home, in their own time with step-by-step instructions.

Watch for classes with famous names

While your favourite classes will continue, and may even see an increase in numbers, dance fitness will continue to be popular. Zumba seems to be the name on everyone’s hips… er lips, these days.

It seems like popular dance show judges are launching themselves in the UK, and even flourishing; with growing numbers, and great popularity to boot.

The era of Physical Trainers

More recently, training courses for wannabe Personal Trainers, has seen a tremendous increase. The first batch of graduates from these courses, have already begun flooding gyms all across town.

The Physical Trainers have already begun advertising themselves as sport-specific specialists ways; perhaps to attract clients who already favour these specific sports.

Small group PT sessions are already seeing an increase; with groups of people signing up with their friends or colleagues, keeping costs divided and social interaction multiplying.

Exciting trends, quicker workouts

Aqua Spin, viz. literally stationary bikes in the swimming pool; Ariel Yoga, viz. people performing moves while suspended in hammocks from the ceiling; treadmill and rowing classes with each participant on the relevant piece of equipment have seen a huge upswing in recent times.

There has also been an upsurge in the numbers of people looking to maximize their time, looking for quicker ways to workout.

These people have naturally graduated to shorter, more intense classes and body weight training

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