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Summer Smoothies

Summer Smoothies

You may have noticed that we’re great fans of smoothies over here at Eat Water! I mean, who wouldn’t be? They’re delicious, easy to drink whether on the go or on the couch, and they take next to no time to make. And summer is the absolute perfect time for them! Depending on the ingredients, smoothies can stand in for just about any food from a snack straight up to a meal. And our konjac rice, noodle and pasta replacements break down perfectly into a great, filling smoothie ingredient!

A smoothie for breakfast helps you get hydrated at the start of the day, something soda and coffee won’t do. Since your body pulls water from many foods in order to stay hydrated, you won’t have to drink water when you’re sipping on a smoothie (especially a homemade one without sugar). Milk and yogurt are largely water, so if your smoothie is dairy-based, you’ll quench your thirst AND boost your calcium for bone strength! In hot weather, add a few ice cubes to the blender for extra water. It’s an excellent, on-the-go breakfast choice. You can make it in minutes before you leave the house and sip it on your way to work, school or those hectic school drop offs. A nutritious smoothie packs more usable nutrition than most multivitamins!

Here’s one of our favourite smoothies that takes next-to-no time to make!


50 Second Smoothie

Okay, so its actually a milkshake – but hey do you really care? This smoo… milk… errrrrrm… smoothie can be made so quickly that you can be out of bed and out of the door with breakfast and still in time for that important board meeting or coffee morning after school drop offs!

  • ½ pack of Slim Noodles/ Rice
  • 1 banana
  • 6 to 7 strawberries
  • 250ml whole milk
  1. Prepare Slim Noodles/Rice as per package instructions (drained and rinsed).
  2. Really? You need instructions?
  3. Chop banana, add strawberries, milk and Slim Noodles to a blender and smooth away.
  4. Enjoy the coffee morning!


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