Where to get organic food?

A lot of people give up on organic food because they find it too hard to get a hold of! Of course, you can find a few organic products in your local supermarket, but probably not everything you need, and probably even more expensive than they would be otherwise. But never fear – there are loads of ways to get everything you need in wholesome, organic form – and it’s easy!

Farmer’s markets

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Farmer’s Markets are usually weekly, and if you’ve got one near you, it’s perfect! You’ll get the pick of what’s in season (always the tastiest) fresh and farm picked, and at a lower price than you would in a proper shop. There’ll also be delicious derivatives like farm-made cheeses, jams, pickles and sauces up for grabs, and probably home-baked bread, too! Farmer’s Markets make us feel like a child in a sweet shop – there’s so much bright, delicious goodness around you don’t know what to grab first.

Organic shops

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Organic stores can make your shopping simple and organised, and they don’t restrict you to a certain day either. Whole Foods is always a good bet, and you can easily run an online search for other organic stores near you! There are a whole lot more than you think. And they’ll have other great organic stuff, like cosmetics and personal care products.

Order online

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In these busy times, it’s hard enough for your working professionals to go shopping around for regular groceries, much less organic. If you positively don’t have the time to try either of the other options, never fear. There are so many online organic stores that promise to deliver your groceries to your doorstep that you’re practically spoilt for choice! Take Planet Organic or Riverford or any of the other stores a simple search will throw up for you in a second.

So there you go! We hope we’ve made your journey to organic, should you be interested in making it, that much simpler and easier!

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