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The ends qualify the trends

The ends qualify the trends

Five fitness trends with specific end results

Gone are the days when fitness fads become trends because, just because a celeb or a sports jock promotes it. Fitness trends today pack a punch, precisely because they help you achieve particular end-objectives and inspire you to commit to them.

Here’s a round-up of the hottest new fitness trends for 2016, but pick up only what fits your end objective.

The ends qualify the trends

Xtend Barre – lengthen your limbs

A fusion of dance, ballet and Pilates, Xtend Barre is a wonderful way of targeting a variety of muscle groups, to create that toned, lean, ballerina-like figure. Doesn’t matter if you have all left feet.

Rebound UK – rethink cardio

If you’re really clumsy, would advise a skip on this one. However, the seekers of a high-energy, low-impact cardio blast, will love this workout, which claims to burn 550 calories in 45 minutes. Apart from it being fun, ‘the Rebounder’ reduces any unnecessary pressure on your joints during exercise. Can be done at home, using simple video instructions.

SOS Life Skills – the confidence builder

Dancers who aren’t afraid to let their hair down, will just love the struting, hair flicks and posture holds. The laid-back, encouraging approach of its founder, makes for a great class to come to, after those profoundly bad hair days.

Studio Lagree – where Pilates and Cardio meet

This LA-born regimen, is a strength training workout that combines Pilates with cardio. A souped-up version of the traditional Pilates reformer, is where the exercises are performed on. If you’re not ready to sweat a lot, our personal advice is to skip this exercise.

Slice Live – for the fence sitters

If you’re the type who gets bored with repetition, Slice Live offers a choice of over 80 classes all over London. The fitness buffet includes yoga and HIIT options, as well groupie fun classes like Zumba and belly dancing. And for girls who wanna have fun, there’s also a women’s only class.


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