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The Organic Reality of our lives

The Organic Reality of our lives

A little less than a year from now, to be precise – on the morning of 14th June 2017, independent retailers all over the UK will be hosting ‘Wake Up To Organic’ events. These will include: dishing up free organic mini breakfasts, hosting blogger demos and visits from local producers and suppliers.

Stretching from Brighton to Bristol, Wales to Sheffield and Dorset to Scotland, there’ll be an event near you; the aim of which is to show how easy it is to switch to an organic breakfast, as well as to showcase the fabulous range of organic food and drink that local independent stores and cafes offer. The 2016 Wake Up campaign day, organised by Organic UK, saw over 70 stores participating, serving over 2,000 breakfasts to delighted customers.

The Organic Reality of our lives

Everybody’s question: Why is organic good?

When trying to discover the reasons to love organic it can be hard to know where to start. Environment, nature, animal welfare, sustainability; the benefits really are endless. Here’s why we love organic:

Nature loves it!

Organic farming is ecologically conscious, and uses sustainable agricultural practices, which work for the environment, as it uses fewer pesticides. This farming method protects and encourages wildlife, even as it looks after the health of the soil. Instead of using chemicals, organic farmers work with nature to feed the soil and control pests. Crop rotation and clover are used to build soil fertility. Mainly natural methods are used, which develop good soil and healthier crops which have stronger natural resistance to pests and diseases, besides encouraging natural predators to avoid the need for almost all pesticides. Most importantly, organic farming releases less greenhouse gases, that significantly reduce the carbon footprint.

Animals live free!

Organic and free-range are two words that often go together. In fact, you rarely have one without the other. Organic operating standards insist that animals are given plenty of space, fresh air to thrive, and grow naturally. This guarantees a truly free-range life in all senses of the term. Free-range operating principles also encourage healthy animals; this requires fewer drugs or antibiotics to be used. That’s great for the animals, and even better for our peace of mind.

Food that’s natural

Organic farming let’s you know exactly what’s in your food. Genetically Modified crops and ingredients are a no-no in organic farming, so are hydrogenated fats, artificial pesticides, and the use of aspartame, tartrazine and monosodium glutamate. In all, organic food is a more ‘natural’ choice.

Food that tastes great

Because organic farmers rely on developing healthy, fertile soil to grow a mix of crops, the produce is natural, fresh and different from what you’ve been used to consuming. Naturally (pun intended), it tastes great as well

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