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The weighty question of holiday eating

The weighty question of holiday eating

The period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day 2017, presents many wonderful opportunities for quality family and friend time, which in parallel makes achieving your diet and nutrition goals challenging.

Roast turkey or goose, Brussels sprouts, rich nutty stuffing, roast potatoes, cranberry sauce, tiny sausages wrapped in bacon (pigs in blankets) and lashings of hot gravy will greet your eyes, causing you to salivate.

Now picture yourself parked before this glorious spread, looking marvelously miserable, with your plate of green salad, topped with super-lite-zero-calorie-aerated dressing, and a elegant bottle of sparkling diet water, with a designer label cold bottle of diet water? Perish the thought.

Comfort ye, comfort ye men my people, here are a few tips to help you indulge, without the anguish of shame and guilt.

The weighty question of holiday eating

Smaller plates are in order

Instead of trying to make your portions smaller, make your plate smaller instead! Using this instead of the average sized dinner plate, can cut your meal down by up to 500 calories.

Drinking water helps

Wash down your roast turkey or pigs in blankets with one beverage and then switch to good ole’ water. This will ensure you maintain your hydration levels, thereby enabling your brain distinguish between actual hunger and dehydration. People often tend to confuse dehydration with hunger, and eat more, wondering why the feeling won’t go away.

Hands off fork

Many people have the habit of preparing their next bite while still chewing on their last one! The trick is to prepare your next bite only after you’ve finished the last one. This will enable you to pace yourself, eat slower, and tune in to your body signals that will prevent you from over eating.

Use the 5 trick

If you find yourself eyeing another portion of your favorite dish even as you’ve finished, relax. Wait for another five minutes before reaching for seconds; tune in to your body’s signals. If it becomes challenging dealing with what comes up, consider diverting your mind by leaving the table and playing with the kids. You’ll discover you may not need that second helping after all.

The quantity v/s quality conundrum

As for that scrumptious dessert, eating half a slice instead of a full one, is just as good. While treating yourself to all your favorite holiday snacks, remember that the quality of the food does not increase the more you eat; while the flavor will be just as delectable as it was last year.

Experience and research tells us that moderation is always the golden key to well being and health. The feeling of waking up after a holiday without shame or guilt, while savoring your family relationships is unbeatable.

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