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Colourful praise from Famous Rainbow!

Slimming pasta never tasted so good!

Pasta and rice are favourite foods for carb-lovers; scrummy, filling and easy to prepare. But for those trying to lose weight, they would usually be seen as a no-no. However, did you know that there is a high-fibre alternative that looks and feels like actual pasta, rice or noodles, but is carb-free and has an unbelievably low calorie count of around 9 calories per 100g serving? Made from juroat, it leaves you feeling full and content for up to four hours, so you avoid snacking and are less likely to put on weight. Amazingly, 100g of juroat spaghetti contains virtually 0 grams of carbohydrates, whereas 100g of wheat-based spaghetti contains around 70g of carbohydrates. The key ingredient, konjac, has been eaten by the Japanese for centuries – and they appreciate its translucence and chewy bite.

However, we prefer the new and improved juroat recipe, which combines organic konjac flour and organic oat fibre that is shaped into pasta, noodles or rice. That’s because juroat looks a lot more like regular pasta, noodles and rice and has an al dente bite. The konjac in juroat also contains glucomannan, which is rich in soluble fibre and has been approved by the European Food Safety Authority as an ingredient to help aid weight loss. This fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free and GMO-free alternative is safe for weight watchers, diabetics and coeliacs alike. It comes in easy-to-use packets – ready to enjoy with your favourite pasta sauces, knowing there are next to no carbs in it. And there are ready meals available which are great for busy folk who don’t have time to make and pack themselves lunches.