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Low Carb Cork Love!

While browsing the aisles of Holland and Barrett recently, I came across these low carb noodles and pasta from a company called Eat Water. Made from a Japanese plant named konjac, these products are very low in carbohydrates, suitable for vegans and gluten free. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, no. They’re fantastic.

These noodles and pasta don’t taste of anything and nicely bulk up your meat dish. Tonight I made bolognese with penne, having the pasta made it seem like a regular meal. Moreover, it’s about 5 hours since I ate and I’m still stuffed. Last night I used the noodles in a homemade low carb Pad Thai- recipe coming soon! One packet will easily feed two low carbers- they’re quite filling and high in fibre.

There is one thing that’s worth pointing out, when you initially open the packet the product smells slightly off. This is due to the brine it’s packaged in. It’s easily taken care of though- just pour out the water contained in the packet and rinse the noodles or pasta under cold water for a few minutes.

You can find out more on the Eat Water website, which also has a handy store locator.