Make Eating Well Extremely Easy with Eat Water Slim Chilled Meals

In this fast pacing world, one is hardly able to find time to get proper sleep, let alone cook a proper healthy meal every day.  No matter how big the industry gets or how hard it is to manage work and home together, eating a healthy meal is a bodily requirement that cannot be ignored. EatWater has emerged as a solution to this problem. We have made it our agenda to provide nutrition-rich food to health-conscious people who get tired to cook after a long day at work. All the meals available with us are made of raw ingredients, preserved and frozen and just required to be cooked for a short amount of time. They can stay stored safely in your refrigerator for weeks without going stale. 

Slim Chilled Meal: Assorted Collection

It is exactly as it sounds. A semi-cooked frozen meal which will keep you slim and fit. Slim meals were invented after months of rigorous research. Juroat C is the main component of these meals used to make noodles, pasta, and rice. This is an improvement on Konjac Flour, a slimming flour used mainly in Japan to make noodles. Even though the category of meals tagged as healthy and tasty has very few components, there is still an abundance of choices at Eat Water for you. We have an assorted collection of all slim chilled meals and a separate one for the more precise eater. Have a look here:

The Flavours of China: Chinese Veg Fried Rice

Scrumptious Chinese food— the noodles, fried treats, spicy mapu tofu, Manchurian balls, and the list keeps going on. While of all these rank on the top in the race of flavor, they are not healthy to be consumed every day. Taking this in consideration, at Eat Water, we have prepared this frozen meal of Chinese Veg Fried Rice. It is wheat-free and glutton free which means there would be no unwanted carbohydrates in your meal. This meals comes in a pack of 4 and tastes as good as any Chinese treat.

From the Heart of Italy: Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese

A very popular apprehension about vegan food is shattered to pieces with the origin of the Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese — both healthy and great tasting. The sauce used in this vegan spaghetti pasta is made from lentils and mushrooms making it a delicious and nutritious alternative for your meals. Containing only 218 calories, it has no artificial colors or flavors added.

Visit Thailand with Thai Green Noodles

Thailand is already known to have a mild taste palate and a wide range of food items to satisfy the same. Thai green curry and red curry are rather famous in all provisions across the world. Incorporated the same spirit, Eat Water invented an even healthier alternative which has the same nostalgic flavors from Thailand. Loaded with a lot of vegetables, Eat Water Thai Green noodles is your go-to option for the days you’re feeling a bit more rambunctious.

The Drunken Noodles: Bangkok Style Noodles

Everyone has had the infamous drunken noodles- the specialty of Bangkok Culinary world, once at least either from the vendors in their city or in Bangkok itself. The flavors and experience is a dose of heaven on earth. But then again, this delicacy is not something one can consume every other day. Reason being the same behind not consuming any other kind of junk food. Replicating the recipe, Eat Water created Bangkok style Noodle for you containing ingredients like- Konjac noodles, Red Curry paste, vegetables, coconut milk, etc. making it a healthy dinner for you.

Healthy, fuss-free and speedy— Expect delish and satisfying meals when you pick Eat Water for ready-to-eat slim meals and frozen foods.