How To Eat More And Stay Healthy?

Would you not agree that our kids and we are eating a lot of fast food and junk food these days? We blame it largely on our lifestyle and our hectic schedules that we don’t get time to cook healthy food for our family, or we get late, coming home from the office, etc. As it turns out, all these are just excuses we make to get in the clear ourselves, but the person who is getting hurt by these lies is no one but ourselves and our family.

We can’t really change our taste and switch to vegan food or healthy protein food with no carbs, no sugar, etc. to stay healthy, but there is something you can do and that is switching to a healthier alternative. Eat Water’s cool range of substitute products won’t let you feel the difference between the original and the substitutes. Take a look at some of these food products available on Eat water website.

Slim Rice Original

Rice is a staple food for a large population. Most of the dishes we serve taste best with rice, but we often overlook the fact that rice probably has the highest amount of starch and fat. But we are here to put an end to all your worries as we have got for you, the Slim Rice Original from Eat Water.

A complete organic package with no sugar, zero carbs, wheat and gluten-free with zero calories.  This organic substitute for low-calorie rice is made with konjac flour and Juroat that keeps you satiated for longer periods and reduces craving.

Slim Pasta Penne Original

The Italian gem, penne pasta, a favorite for the kids and adults alike is tasty but brings a lot of fat with it.  At Eat Water, we understand your concerns and have brought to you, the perfect organic substitute for pasta. Made from Konjac flour and Juroat, this low carb pasta is a gluten-free and fat-free that helps you lose your weight without compromising on taste. 

Slim Noodles Thai Style

The tasteful Thai cuisine can not be completed without slim noodles and you probably can’t avoid the calories you gain when you just want to enjoy great food. Eat water Slim Noodles, made with organic Konjac flour and Juroat are tasty and healthy, sugar-free substitutes for the traditional Thai noodles.

Slim Pasta Spaghetti Original

Who doesn’t like a nice bowl of spaghetti in a luscious creamy sauce? But at the cost of forgetting. The Slim Pasta substitute by Eat water acts as a great alternative for your craving. The unique blend of gluten-free oat Juroat and Konjac flour, make it perfect for helping lose weight.

So what are you waiting for? Get. Set. Shop. Buy the slim food that you love most and substitute your daily foods with these healthy alternatives.