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Now, slim rice that makes you feel full for 4 hours

Carbohydrates are usually the enemy for anyone trying to stick to a diet, but one type of rice is flying off the shelves because it has virtually no calories. Slim Rice, a new British product, helps you feel full while barely registering on your waistline, the Daily Mail reported. There are 7.7 calories in a 100g serving, compared to 350 calories in the same weight of white basmati rice. Regular boiled rice contains 64 percent water. Slim Rice, which comes already cooked, is made up of 97 percent water and the Asian root konjac. Some nutritionists claim that vegetable extract konjac – also known as Moyu – can stabilise blood-sugar levels and prevent hunger pangs and over-eating. The unusual product smells strongly of starch and needs to be rinsed at least twice under warm water to remove its distinctive odour. Advocates claim that the rice, which is chewier than normal varieties, tricks your brain into thinking you have eaten a full meal. One portion can create the sensation of being full for up to four hours. The Slim range – which includes Slim Pasta and Slim Noodles – is flavourless, allowing you to add a sauce of your choice. Made by company Eat Water, it costs 2.55 pounds a packet. (ANI)