First Press features a better way to enjoy pasta and noodles without a carb-laden guilt-trip!

Slim Easy pasta is based on a traditional Japanese recipe using organic Konjac flour and organic oat fibre, to make Juroat. This is then shaped into various pastas, noodles and rice.

On Celery and Cupcakes!

For a speedy meal idea they are great, and I can see how helpful they can be for someone who is on a low-carb diet and looking to lose weight or for those searching for a gluten-free option to traditional rice and noodles.

The best food on the internet

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A recipe to die(t) for!

"But then, one day, THIS came into my life and as soon as I saw it I knew it meant that lasagna would return to take its seat in the culinary apex of my heart. I welcomed the news of its return like a long-lost lover: with open arms and a combination of excitement and anticipation. And when I finally made it today, oh! when I took it out of the oven and finally dug my fork into its soft and yielding layers, I swear to you… I swear I died a little."


Slim Pasta is a new range now available in Ireland and is the perfect substitute for pasta.

Unflattering pic is most common reason for starting diet

London, May 26 (ANI): The most common trigger for women changing their lifestyle regarding their being overweight is an unflattering photograph, a new study has revealed. Subtle changes in size and shape can be hard to notice, but looking back at holiday snaps forces us to assess ourselves objectively. The surprise leads to impressive results, […]

Now, slim rice that makes you feel full for 4 hours

London, Feb 16 (ANI): Carbohydrates are usually the enemy for anyone trying to stick to a diet, but one type of rice is flying off the shelves because it has virtually no calories.

Is this the ultimate diet carb? The rice with just 8 calories in every bowl

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Half of all women on diets started their slimming regime after seeing themselves in an unattractive picture, reveals a new survey.

The camera never lies: How an unflattering photo is the most common reason for starting a diet

It is usually a jolt of recognition that persuades someone they are overweight and it is time to start dieting.


Half of women recognise weight problem in photos Half of women only realise they have a weight problem when they see an unflattering photo, a survey has found. Researchers at asked 1,000 female dieters why they had decided to lose weight. One in every two respondents said they had seen an unflattering picture of […]

Why women lie about their weight… and are actually NINE POUNDS more than they say

Two thirds of women have lied about their size, with 9lbs being the average amount by which they reduce their true weight.