Something the oretical- Eat Water Slimming Guides

Slimming down or cutting weight has a lot of tasks aligned up for all with a hard-core workout regime and a rigid diet plan as the center of attention. But every practical task needs some theoretical knowledge before one gets started with it. Theoretical knowledge gives us a head start and a sense of confidence about our choices in the practical realm. That is why there are countless recipe books, diet planners, recording books, health memoirs, etc.

Eat Water Books and guides are created to provide you with the same kind of theoretical knowledge before you can dive into your daily routine of

slim food. These guide books are extremely insightful in terms of diet recipes and all you need to know about konjac flour- the main ingredient in all slim foods. Let’s get familiar with them a bit more.

Cook Yourself Slim - The Ultimate Recipe Book

Cook yourself Slim” is the best recipe book you can possibly find which stores all the dishes you can make using your Slim Food stock. There are enough recipes for every possible combination there is to make using just your Slim Food from eat water. There are soups, salads, smoothies, main course, snacks and so much more. All the recipes are based on Konjac flour products such as slim pasta, slim noodles, and rice. The low carbohydrates, low calorie, and 100% fat-free food that you will cook following these recipes will be as tasty as any other pasta dish or noodle dish. The recipes are designed to help you lose up to 10lbs in just 5 weeks. All that slimming and that too without compromising with taste at all. That is what Eat Water’s Cook Yourself Slim aims at- slimming down while enjoying the meals.

The Konjac Diet - All You Need To Know About Konjac

This amazing piece by Yinka Thomas is all about Konjac flour. One may wonder- why did Eat Water choose to develop on the concept of Konjac flour and not any other flour. The answer is very simple- Konjac Flour is low in calories, versatile & filling. The book talks about this versatile nature of Konjac flour- it is perfect to be transformed into several different forms and cuts down our carb intake to a huge extent. Yinka Thomas has put a lot of effort into the research to get you started on the right track before you get started with the diet. Several benefits of the Konjac four include- a good source of dietary fibers, no side effects on the body, lower body cholesterol, etc. There are plenty of other things discussed and described in the book to make you an expert in the art of Konjac.

Your Nerdy Slimming Partner

Eat Water books are the best way to sharpen your skills and get useful insights about the food that you eat for slimming down. Food is an essential thing- it can make or break our bodies, depending on how well or bad you take care of it. That is one of the many reasons to read Eat Water Slimming guides so as to keep you up-to-date with your diet while providing you with a few tips and tricks for delicious dishes to make using your slim meals.