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Unleash Your Inner Fitness Freak with Eat Water Carb X Range

Unleash Your Inner Fitness Freak with Eat Water Carb X Range

Eating a normal healthy diet is hard enough itself but it becomes almost impossible to follow a strict diet chart when you are a fitness freak struck with a 9 to 5 job. Athletics and bodybuilding are considered as one of the extreme sports and there is a well enough reason behind it. Not only sports require rigorous physical labor, but a very firm diet schedule should also be followed to get fruits of all the physical labor which makes it very perplexing to stay consistent along with juggling a job.

Keeping all these troubles with healthy food in mind, Eat Water develops several kinds of healthy & nutritious meals which are low on carbs and keeps the fitness journey on. There are different lines of products such as Slim Sauces, Slim Pastas, Slim Chilled Meals, etc. A product line solely created for athletes and fitness enthusiasts- Carb X. Carb X is a special collection of Slim Pastas, Noodles & Rice. Carb X meals come in portion-controlled sizes so that a healthy & tasty meal does not get in the way of your diet plans.

CarbX Pastas: Stay Healthy in Italian Style

With a maximum cooking time of 1-2 minutes, CarbX pasta is both a healthy and easy cook option for your daily meals. There 3 variants in the CarbX pasta line - Penne, Spaghetti & Fettuccine. All the pasta are prepared with a special flour called Juroat C – solely developed by Eat Water by further improving Konjac flour used in Japanese dishes. The pasta has only 35kcal per serving (100 Gms) and is 100% fat-free. Each Carb X pack of pasta has 6 sachets of portion-controlled servings. The contents of every sachet can stay fresh for up to 2 days after opening the seal as well. Open boil pasta for 2 min or microwave it and enjoy with your favorite sauce or sautéed vegetables.

CarbX Noodles & Rice:

Almost all popular Chinese dishes feature noodles or rice in some form. As much as noodles and rice are loved by all, they are not considered to be a favorable choice for fitness enthusiasts. Carb X Noodles and Rice will have you by surprise because they are perfectly fine to be included in your demanding diet plan. Each serving only has 35kcal as compared to a normal serving of rice which has 206kcal which means- nutrition and taste both remain intact. Just like CarbX pasta, noddle and rice also come as a pack of 6 100gms portion-controlled sachets and can be stored soaked in water for a maximum of 2 days. The noodles and rice segments are also completely produced by Juroat C.

Settle the Deal with CarbX Xtreme: Assorted Collection

An assorted collection of all CarbX variants will have your diet chart for the whole month sorted. With a total of 30 servings, you can easily have a tasty yet nutritious meal at least once in a day without cheating on the plan. Made with Non-GMO Konjac flour, all CarbX products have a generous amount of fibers, Vitamins 7 minerals. The noodles, pastas & rice are 100% fat-free as well. Easy to make, easy on carbs and high on nutrition value, CarbX is the ultimate workout partner of an athlete.