Taste or Health? How About Both with Healthy Pasta

Healthy Pasta

Contradicting your taste buds may just be the most difficult war to win while keeping your health in check. Everyone has some weakness in the form of an undeniable delicacy, which doesn’t allow health to triumph. One such culinary wonder hails from Italy. Although said to be descended from ancient Asian noodles, the traditional form of the pasta itself has been nurtured in Italy for decades before being dispersed across the globe. Thereafter, despite the essential ingredients and form remaining constant, pasta has been filtered through numerous culturally different cuisines, various traditional spices, and indigenous herbs; and now, nearly every country has curated its own unique version of this treasured dish.

The Choice between Good and Evil

Being inexpensive and filling, the popularly classified “comfort food” is one of the most consumed foods and has become a staple worldwide. However, the incredible taste doesn’t seem to agree with health. Pasta is very commonly known to be a high carbohydrate food, making it a health risk in many spheres. Not only does it add to your waistline, but studies have also shown that high levels of carbs contribute to increased chances of diabetes and unfortunately many more health threats. So naturally, the beloved pasta is erased off the menu for those who love themselves more than they love to eat, but wait!

Taste Buds, Rejoice!

Behold, Eat Water Slim Pasta! If you are a pasta-loving fitness enthusiast, Slim Pasta by Eat Water is your savior! Without compromising with taste, texture or flavor, this delicious alternative to conventional pasta dishes contains a mere 35 calories and allows you to indulge in your favorite pasta without the slightest bit of guilt. Mindfully crafted with a modified version of the popular konjac flour from Japan, Juroat C contains close to no carbohydrates and equally minimal calories, but with double the fiber, as compared to regular pasta. The fat and sugar-free properties of the zero-calorie slim pasta make it the best option for health-conscious diets.

Konjac Is Health’s New Best Friend

Konjac pasta

Regular pasta is traditionally manufactured with durum wheat, which is high in gluten. Slim pasta lasagne sheets, konjac noodles and other varieties of slim pasta are not only low in calorie, aiding healthy weight loss; it is also a gluten-free and wheat-free gem for those with allergies. With diseases, health risks and conscious consumption increasing, so are allergies and sensitivity to foods. Eat Water provides ranges of pasta to allow those with allergies to enjoy their favorite, delectable pasta dishes without worrying about the side effects. Along with this, slim pasta makes it convenient for everyone following plant-based diets.

All in all, Eat Water provides a wide variety of products for the health-conscious menu, delivering the same tastes and textures to your dining table while taking care of you and your family.