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Turning Conventionality Upside Down: Healthy Rice Meals

Rice is by far one of the most loved and widely eaten food items across the world. From fried to boiled, there are plenty of ways one can prepare and enjoy rice. Eaten with vegetables, eaten with curry, rice remains the most versatile food item in the list of delicacies across all continents and countries. This huge popularity of this food item is what makes it hard to give it up for people starting a fitness streak.

Many believe that while white rice should not be included in the meal plans, brown rice is okay to be added and consumed as a part of a slimming diet. However, that is not completely true. The fact is that all white rice starts from being brown rice. White rice is just brown rice with its bran layer missing and polished to look white and shiny. So, although brown rice is a relatively healthy option with extra fiber content, it still does not qualify as something fit for a rigorous diet plan.

What is the Healthy Alternative then?

Slim Rice eat water

When any kind of white or brown rice does not seem to close the fitness deal, Slim Rice comes in the picture. Made with purified and modified Konjac flour, Slim Rice helps the fitness freaks out there in maintaining or reducing their weight while keeping the original taste intact. The creation of Slim Rice is solely directed towards one single goal of providing zero carbohydrates and helping the ones on a diet with maintaining their ideal body weight. Consisting of only 3 main ingredients- purified water, Organic Konjac Flour, and Organic Oat Fibre- Slim Rice contains zero grams of fat, zero carbohydrates, and no added sugar. One serving of 100 grams contains 4 grams of fiber and a total of 32 kcal.

What about the Taste though?

slim rice eat water

Yes, what about it? Even though this extremely health-conscious food item is made using some modified and evenly researched ingredients, it is highly stressed that the dish retains the original taste and umami of conventional rice which is eaten worldwide. Slim Rice can be enjoyed the same way as conventional rice dishes- fried, sautéed, boiled, seaweed rice cakes, curry, etc. If an even strict diet plan is being followed, then Slim Rice can be paired with a number of Slim Sauces and Slim Curry as well. The options and ways are never-ending.


konjac rice

For all the rice lovers out there with a knack for taste and fitness both, Slim Rice makes it possible to get it all on one plate. Keeping up with your healthy regiment and savoring the delights of tasty food is possible to do with a bit of control and a collection of Slim Foods in your arsenal. The wheat-free gluten-free product is ideal for people with gluten allergies as well and provides the optimum amount of dietary fibers- a single solution for all healthy food problems.