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The cheat pasta

Seeing as it’s absolutely baltic outside, nothing is as warming and yummy as a big bowl of steaming hot, carb-riddled pasta. But what if I could tell you that you could have seconds, thirds, heck how ever much of the damn thing you want AND still fit into your J.Brands? Well, those diet-friendly folks over at Eat Water have created the answer to all of our wannabe skinny-bitch’s prayers. Made from a recipe that combines konjac flour and special oat fibre, this slim pasta has the same texture to your normal penne but like a 1/10000 of the calories! That’s amore… I made mine with pesto pasta, fresh tomato, a sprinkling of parmesan (you can go bananas with the toppings, one bag of this stuff only comes in at 20 cals…) topped with sesame seeds and almonds. A little bit random but it tasted pretty delish. I added a little healthy chilli flake avo situation into the mix. All in all I was pretty satisfied. Well, nothing is ever going to taste as good as the real thing but at 20 calls a pop I don’t mind if I do… You can buy it over at the Eat Water website or most Holland & Barrett stores stock these gems.