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Zero carbohydrate rice? Slim rice review.

Slim Rice, from Eat Water.
When I first heard about this product on Twitter, I was sceptical. I’ve made a substitute for rice before, combining boiled cauliflower with a food processor, and it wasn’t the most appetising thing in the world, by any means. I sent the guys at the @eat_water company a message about their products, and they kindly sent me some to try.
The good, and the bad
The good :
  • Only 7 calories per 100g, compared to the 152 calories in 100g of my favourite, ordinary rice
  • Made almost entirely from Konjac flour, which is virtually 100% fibre
  • Ready in 2 minutes. God bless you, microwave
  • Gluten and sugar free
The bad : Expensive. £2.55 from the manufacturers website. Although I’d like to, I couldn’t personally afford to eat one of these every day with one of my main meals.
Who is Slim Rice for?
Slim rice is aimed at the diet market, and has been designed for people who want a low calorie, low carb rice alternative. As above, I went into this one VERY sceptical about what the manufacturers could possibly achieve without any carbohydrates or flavouring whatsoever. “Ding!” – microwaving finished. I dipped a fork in and ate a little bit plain, with nothing added at all. It certainly looked like rice, but the consistency was ever so slightly jelly-like and I started to feel a tiny, tiny smidgen of disappointment. I needn’t have, though, since for my taste-test, I decided to try it out properly with some of my home made Jamaican curry. To gauge just how rice-like it was in taste and consistency, I put some kidney beans, garlic & onion powder into the mix and then heated it to make a poor man’s rice & pea. It didn’t taste EXACTLY like my rice & pea (which is about 8,000 x the number of calories) but… it tasted pretty damned good. Great, actually. Very, very impressive for a carb-free alternative to something usually so dense in carbohydrates. Definitely the best low carb rice alternative I’ve ever tasted. In fact, I probably shouldn’t even call it a “low” carb alternative to rice, since it’s actually a “zero” carb alternative to rice. Maybe carb free rice is more appropriate.
£2.55 each (3/6/2014). If you have the money, definitely go for it. I’m going to have to keep it as a treat, or (as I am doing now) when I’m scrambling to reduce calories so I can look my best on holiday.
 My final opinion of Slim Rice
I’m honestly very impressed with what Eat Water have done with this product, and I’m very excited to try out the others that they make. They also make different kinds of Slim Pasta, a zero carb pasta alternative, and Slim Noodles, their zero calorie noodles, which should make for some delicious dinners later this week. Price aside, this would be an absolute Godsend for anyone doing any kind of a diet where carbohydrates are restricted, like the Anabolic Diet, or Paleo, or for those just wanting to reduce overall calories without feeling like they’re eating like a rabbit. For more details, Click Here