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CARB X Noodles

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Developed for busy fitness enthusiasts, CARB X Noodles is a low carb and 100% plant based alternative to regular noodles. Each box contains 6 x 100g sachets of portion controlled noodle shapes. Not only are these foods low in carbohydrates, they require as little as 1 minute to prepare, allowing you to manage your meals or food preparations quickly, easily and effectively. What’s more, CARB X is available in noodle, rice and fettuccine – a carb to satisfy every craving!

If you’re wondering how this tasty meal works, the secret is in Glucomannan – a plant-based, water-soluble fibre in Konjac flour. When ingested, Glucomannan fibre does not get absorbed by the body, instead, it slows down the rate of digestion, giving you that satisfied feeling for longer and leaves your body naturally and less likely to snack or binge eat. This healthy alternative both satisfies cravings and fills you up -  stick to this and you’ll achieve your desired physique in no time!