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5 of the best kitchen gadgets

5 of the best kitchen gadgets

Gadgets don’t just have to be novelty items for Christmas. A good gadget can play a functional role as well as a humorous role. Take the category of kitchen gadgets: snazzy slushie makers and weird waffle machines aren’t just silly they also make delicious food! But we wanted to dig deeper and find some kitchen gadgets gems and here’s what we found!

The Sushi Bazooka – £19.99 at Firebox

Grab our Slim Rice Sushi and load it into this ‘culinary cannon’ with your chosen ingredients. Seal it, push it, and pow, you’ve got sushi in no time! All that remains is to wrap it, slice it, then add as much wasabi, ginger, and soy sauce as you can handle.

iKettle – starting at £99.99 at Smarter

Pop the kettle on before you’ve even got home with the smart iKettle. Control the kettle with Smarter’s specially designed app and make the perfect cuppa by boiling to water to the temperature you want. What’s even better is that you can connect it with your Amazon Echo and simply say “Help, I need coffee!” for the kettle to boil.   untitled-design-10-1

Herb Keeper – £14.99 at Cole & Mason

There is nothing we love more with our Slim Pasta Spaghetti Original than a good tomato passata and a handful of basil. The only problem is, fresh basil doesn’t last very long. Combat limp herbs with a handy box that fits neatly into your fridge door and helps herbs last up to 10 days longer.

Dual Julienne and Vegetable Peeler – £20 at Twinzee

Who has time to deal AND chop? Not us. That’s why we love a product that saves us time and allows us more time munching on a delish bowl of pasta.

Garlic Chopper – around £11 at Chef’n

No more sticky and garlic smelling fingers. Simple pop the clove into the device and roll across the tabletop. Let the blades do all the hard work. It’ll help you create a tasty dish of Arrabbiata with our Slim Pasta Penne Original.

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