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Dinner Dinner on the wall! Who’s the fittest of them all?

Dinner Dinner on the wall! Who’s the fittest of them all?

A full stomach on just a handful of calories? No it’s not an urban myth or a shady website banner click bait. The following foods can help you stay full without piling up on calories. Enjoy mixing up these with your favourite Eat Water products and enjoy a satisfying meal throughout the day. Watermelons:  Not only are these vibrant red fruits excellent choices for keeping your body hydrated, these are also a great way to delight your taste buds without crossing your calorie limit. Two cups contain less than 100 calories and nearly half the recommended daily value of vitamin C! watermelons Eat Water. Literally! Fruits and vegetables that have high water content are a great way to keep that smiling tummy going. Grapefruits, carrots and cucumbers are made up of about 90% water. These are great alternatives that should figure on your daily eat lists. Couples with Eat Water products they make for some truly delightful and unique dishes. grapefruit Fibre Friends. Foods that are rich in fibre take longer to digest thus keeping you away from those pesky processed foods. Popcorn is a great example of this category. High on volume yet low on calories, it simply should be your go to filler food when those cravings show up. popcorn

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