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Eat Water Nostalgia Diaries – A Ballad To The Biscuit

Eat Water Nostalgia Diaries – A Ballad To The Biscuit

biscuit They have a strong link to our childhood Our best memories are glued to those snack breaks It’s not just a fleeting story to think about while you’re tucked in your cubicle But also, a trip down a distant past and dwell in the reminiscence We have learned to become inquisitive when we hear the cling of the biscuit jar Hiding behind the door to secretly see where mama hides it We go into Sherlock mode, shifting the biscuits to another jar to detract the curious siblings Snacks have always been beside us through thick and thin Be it solitude, party, grief, celebration or for times when time crawls to a halt It is the first love and the last bite every night It is a craving for diet conscious, who make do with the new breed of low cal crackers Come rainy nights, we hide inside our cloak to sneak a bite This little disc made of baking soda has a tale to tell About the horizon of our social side And the debris of our private side.​

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