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Eat Water Nostalgia Diaries – Pasta Poetry

Eat Water Nostalgia Diaries – Pasta Poetry

pasta-poem Paintings were born here, ingenious minds rattled for art The streets were narrow, but the city was filled with water It ran as veins of the city but was tranquil This was born a long time ago, Evolved through times and came into the books of English in 1874 Its birth name was in Greek which meant Barely Porridge Transcending ages and walking forward in its life, finally it was named At first it was consumed plain, later found its love affair with the tomato sauce Garnishing with cheese stood as a crown on top of the heap You can call it a mutant, because it has several shapes Each has a connect and its own story with people who love it Crafted into various flavours and toppings, All its variety gives you the chills of heaven in your taste buds Because of its familiarity, it spread to the world Even got a citizenship of its own Now it is on top of the deck in its breed Yes! You love it too Its name? P A S T A

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