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Foodalicious movies that celebrate life

Foodalicious movies that celebrate life

What does a hearty meal and an entertaining film have in common? Well, apparently a lot. Food and cinema both pander to our ravenous senses. As far as enjoyable experiences go, dining at a favorite place and going out to movies remain a golden standard in any part of the world. The appreciation for good food and great visuals is something so universal that when food becomes a subject in movies, it proves to be a delicious combination! Remember that scene in Harry Potter when food magically appears on the tables of the great dining hall? That single scene aptly illustrates how some movies can epitomise our love for fabulous food. But, movies can do more than just showcase food. There are many movies which food becomes the central theme. Food as a way of life, Food is an Art, Food is a message of compassion, these are some interesting angles in which the following films explore our inherent cravings. foodalicious-movies-that-celebrate-life Chef  (2014)   Chef is a blisteringly optimistic movie about a chef who breaks out of the ordinary to realise and achieve what he had always wanted. Acclaimed Chef Carl Casper is going through difficult times as he struggles matching his artistic ambitions with the restaurant at which he works, while managing to regain his estranged family life. The Chef finally finds the way back to his passion and family, when he quits the job and gets things rolling on a food-truck with help from his family and friends.  What’s great about the movie is the way in which cooking is revealed to be a part of an effortless love and a masterful art at the same time. The Hundred-Foot Journey (2014) Another movie released on the year 2014, also follows the trials and tribulations of Chefdom. An Indian family moves to France where they open a restaurant just across the street from a haute french restaurant run by a snobbish Madame. As inevitable rivalry and prejudice brews up, the two factions experience a clash of culture leading up to compromise and understanding. The contrasting cuisines of France and India are captured wonderfully in the movie making it visually appetizing. Hassan, the lead character in the film goes on to become a master of fusion cooking, borrowing from his Indian and French influences.  Like the characters in the movie, we explore the healing powers of food and it’s ability to sway its magic across cultures. Ratatouille (2007) This Pixar movie made us get around the fact that animated food can be just as enticing. What happens when a sewer rat from the streets of Paris aspires to be a chef? This amazing premise sets off the story and takes us on a foodalicious trip through parisian kitchens filled with cheese and wine. The take away messages from this whimsical tale are simple and clear – Anyone can cook and a little creativity in cooking can be magical and that your that only limit is your soul. Lunch Box (2013) When the Dabbawalas in Mumbai mistakenly deliver a lunchbox to the wrong person, an unlikely friendship sprouts between a young house-wife yearning for life and an old government official who is about to retire. Communicating only through notes tucked in the lunchbox, the pair learn about each other’s life and reflect on their situation while they bond over food. The tasty food cooked by the housewife spurs a fresh new energy into the dull life of the old man and the soothing replies from the man about her food makes the housewife feel good about herself. The exchange of warmth, food and friendship in a busy urban world is brilliantly brought to life in the film, making it a must-watch for all food lovers with a big heart. Sweet Bean (2015) An offbeat entry to this list, This heartwarming Japanese movie deserves more attention from people who love natural food. ‘Sweet Bean’ introduces us to a 76 year old woman who volunteers to work in a small pancake shop. The man who runs the shop is a lost soul who grudgingly goes on about his work, making the traditional dorayaki pancakes with factory produced Red bean paste. The eccentric old woman convinces him to use her homemade red bean paste that turns the table around and makes the stall a huge success. Deliberately slow, the movie focuses on the tiniest details of cooking with your heart wholly invested in it. The tenderness and love in the movie is simply captivating and the bittersweet end leaves us touched. Feast your eyes on these fantastic foodie films . And as an endnote, ‘Sausage Party’ and ‘American Pie’ are not exactly about food. Do not be disappointed

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