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What’s up Doc!

What’s up Doc!

Cartoon characters are exaggerations. That’s what makes them attractive. The gooey faces, the funky expressions, the physics-defying stunts, they are all part of their charm. But, underneath their exaggerated outlook lies very human and relatable desires. And what desire is more human than the desire for food? Here are some Cartoon characters who are known for their remarkable love for food. Bugs Bunny and Carrots Bugs Bunny should be the official worldwide mascot for eating healthy. The effortlessly smart grey rabbit is instantly recognizable in his iconic pose where he holds a carrot in his hand munches it away with his distinct charm. Rivaled only by Mickey The Mouse, Bugs Bunny is perhaps easily the most well-known cartoon character in the world. whats-up-doc Popeye and Spinach Popeye can do almost anything once he has had his tinful of spinach. Throwing power-packed punches at his nemesis Bluto, he gets his love out of trouble and saves her yet again. Though the link between spinach and rich iron nutrients was later found to be weak and misplaced, Popeye the sailor man and his spinach will forever be symbols of healthy food. Nibbles and Milk Nibbles is the baby mouse that gets featured in Tom and Jerry cartoons as Jerry’s nephew. His irresistible taste for milk is what gets him featured here in our list. In an episode, Nibbles goes over to tom’s cat bowl slurps away all the milk causing mayhem. Unlike his cautious uncle, Nibbles is drawn towards food instinctively, making him so likeable and cute. Winnie the Pooh and Honey The yellow bear had won the hearts of countless children worldwide. His obsession with honey is his most outstanding character. The naive but friendly character is always upbeat and cheerful. His unending quest for honey and adventure reminds us how sweet the journey of life can be. That’s all folks! P.S.: Garfield with his lasagnas and Homer Simpson with his Donuts are not making the cut for ob-burrp-vious reasons.

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