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How not to burn the turkey, and other top Christmas tips!

How not to burn the turkey, and other top Christmas tips!

Children running around the house, Mariah Carey on repeat, 101 things in rotation through the oven. Christmas might be fun, but it can be stressful. Make your day run a bit smoother with these tips and tricks to help you have a calming Christmas!

The Turkey

Overcooking the turkey isn’t a huge mistake but it is a common one. Try soaking the turkey in brine the night before to ensure it soaks up moisture and becomes extra tender. It will add a subtle flavour and help keep it moist if you do overcook it!

Yorkshire Puddings

Save time by making your Yorkshire batter the day before. Alternatively, cook them the day before and freeze them. Simple!

christmas tips

The Wine

Freeze grapes and pop them into your wine/fizz to cool down your drink without watering it down.

The Mood

Feeling stressed? Spritz some of your fav perfume on to brighten your mood. If perfume doesn’t hit the stop, take 5 minutes to yourself and take a deep breath. Remember that Christmas is a special and happy day so there is no need to stress.

The Leftovers

What to do with all the turkey leftovers? Make turkey Mac and cheese! Use Slim Penne for a low-calorie option after all that indulging. Want something a bit more fresh? Try a turkey and mango noodle salad. Use Slim Noodles, turkey, coriander, salad, and mango for a tasty and healthy kick.

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