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Make the most of your lunch breaks

Make the most of your lunch breaks

Do you find yourself slumped over a desk at 1PM? Stop replying to those emails and make the most of your lunch breaks at work! Sitting down for too long can cause a multitude of health problems, plus a lack of sunlight can make you feel sluggish and grumpy.

Take a Walk

It’s time you swap al-desko for al-fresco. Swivel your chair around, jump up, and take a stroll. Even a short walk outside will freshen up your mind. If you want to really freshen up, try finding a gym or group that offer express fitness classes during lunch. There is nothing better than eating your lunch after a quick workout!

Mix it Up

If you’ve got nothing to look forward to at lunch then you’re likely to sit at your desk and continue working. Prepping an extra tasty lunch a couple days a week can make lunch fun again. Spice up your lunchtimes with our Arrabbiata with spicy tomato sauce and Slim Pasta Spaghetti. Need some more lunchtime inspo? Have a read of our recipes! office lunches

Stop the Snacks

It’s so easy to munch through a packet of biscuits during an afternoon. If you notice your desk has more crumbs than post-it notes it is time to stop the snacks. Eating a nutritious lunch with protein in will help fill you up and prevent your sugar cravings. Our Slim Range keeps you fuller for longer. Try adding some chicken and veggies to it and say goodbye to your snack cravings.

Have a Chat!

Slip your headphones and get chatting! If you’re the kind of person who loves a good podcast or album, you can often sit with your headphones on for hours without realising it. Give your ears a rest and have a good old natter with your work colleagues. You’ll have a laugh and boost your dopamine levels!

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