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How to jazz up your summer dishes

How to jazz up your summer dishes

Summer is prime time for BBQs, picnics, festivals, and parties. That means a glorious amount of fun and food! If you need some inspo for simple summer recipes, check out our recent post. Once you’ve established what you’re eating at the summer event it’s time to jazz up the dish with a few simple tricks. Take a simple dish and making it amazing can be as simple as adding some herbs and spices, but to help you take your dish to the next level we’ve put together some tips to help you liven up a summer meal.


It’s a simple and often overlooked trick that people assume takes too long. It is partly true that marinating meat and fish can take a while, but it can also take as long as you have. There are numerous rubs, scrubs, and sauces on the market to make your meat taste great but if you’re looking for a quick and low-calorie option, try rubbing your meat with our sugar-free Barbecue sauce then cook as usual. Our sauce only has 1 calorie so you avoid all the sugary and calorie-laden sauces that you find in the supermarket! healthy jazz up summer meals

Season it correctly

It’s tempting to throw any old herb and spices on your food when you’re cooking. While it is fun to experiment with flavour, know what compliments the dish you prepared. Fish dishes, for example, don’t often mix well with cheese flavoured things. Nutmeg, however, can be great in mashed potatoes and meatballs. Surprising, cinnamon can be great to add to braised meat.

Make your own ‘flavour stir-ins’

Sauces can be handy but sometimes you want something a bit fresher. Lime and cilantro, for example, can be combined to make a fresh and simple dressing in no time. Another few great flavour stir-in are parmesan and dill, chopped tomato and tarragon, and the classic mint and feta. Combine to your salad or top your burger with a duo and liven up your meal!

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