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How to keep Veganuary going

How to keep Veganuary going

So, you’ve completed a month-long run of Veganuary, the initiative that encourages you to avoid meat-based products, and you feel pretty good. But how can you carry the challenge on? We take a little look.

Get creative

You might have used Veganuary to be creative with food, but for the most part, you probably relied on the humble vegetable. Now you’re taking Veganuary to the next level its time to take your creativity with it. That’s right, step away from veggie curries and find some new recipes. Our fav vegan food bloggers that post great recipes are Minimalist Baker, Vegan Richa, and Vegan Yack Attack.

Find new spots

Being vegan is easier than ever nowadays. Big chains offer vegan options and indie restaurants serving up lovely vegan food are popping up every month. Use platforms like Fiternity and Happy Cow to find new vegan food locations. Just because your vegan doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy going out for dinner!
How to keep Veganuary going

Don’t beat yourself up

Sometimes you accidentally (or purposefully!) eat something non-vegan. As long as you don’t make it a habit, slipping something doesn’t make you a ‘bad vegan’. You are human and you make mistakes. After all, dairy is in everything and it can be very difficult to avoid is all the time. Luckily, our entire range is dairy free so stock up on a few packets of our Slim Noodles so you’ve always got something in the cupboard when you need a quick meal!

Invest in staples

Now you’re doing this whole vegan thing for longer than a month it is time you invest in cupboard essentials. Chai seeds, nutritional yeast, coconut milk, veggie stock, the list goes on. Find ingredients that work with your diet and invest in them. It’s better to have great products you can rely on than ones that make you want to eat dairy again!

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