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What to eat this February

What to eat this February

Eating in season has a number of benefits. It can be cheaper, you’ll be supporting local and more sustainable farmers, and because the produce is fresher it will likely to be healthier too.  To help you make better food shopping decisions this month we thought we would give you a list of some of the fruits ‘n’ veggies that are in season and perfect for your February dinners!

Blood oranges

These sweet and colourful varieties of oranges are great as a snack or in a tart. Top buying tip: choose oranges that are firm and feel heavy because weightier oranges are juicier!

Jerusalem artichoke

Contrary to the name, Jerusalem artichokes are actually native to North America. They’re high in potassium, protein, and iron all of which are great if you’re a veggie or vegan. Pop a few Jerusalem artichokes into a stew along with Slim Rice to keep you fuller for longer. foods in season


It’s the veggie that flourishes in the colder months and one every smoothie drinker loves, kale! Buy it when its a fresh green colour with crisp leaves. Along with some goats cheese, combine kale with vegetable stock, white wine, and No Drain rice to create a healthier and quicker version of risotto.


As the brother of garlic and onions, the humble leek has a sweeter flavour and can be just as versatile. Opt for small or medium size leeks as larger leeks tend to be tough and woody. Once you’ve got some leeks, make a hearty pasta and bean soup with any veggies you have, stock, and parmesan. Throw it all together into a pot and hey presto, a warming soup that can feed a family.

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