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Make the most of the Eat Water Sixalicious Sale.

Make the most of the Eat Water Sixalicious Sale.

We as humans always want the best for the least. From Thanksgiving to Black Fridays, we wait patiently for days for the right deal to show up in our inbox. And we’d like to let you know such a mythical deal is now just a few days away from reality. We’re excited to announce the launch of the Sixalicious Flash Sale on September 21st. The exclusive 24 hour only deal is the best time to stock up on your favourite Eat Water products at ridiculously discounted prices. We’ve prepared a handy guide to guarantee a purchase before the stocks run out during the sale period.
Make the most of the Eat Water Sixalicious Sale.
The alarm is your best friend: Reminders, alarms, alerts…do whatever it takes to remind you about the sale on the 21st of September. The best time to make the most out of the sale is to checkout as early as possible to avoid possible hiccups with the website traffic. 6 is the magic number: The Sixalicious Sale is all about the six-pack purchases. Remember to always shop in multiples of 6 for maximum savings. This is because, if you added more than 6 products to your cart, the excess products would be priced individually at £4.99. This means if you bought 7 products, you would be paying £8.99 + £4.99. If you bought 12 products, you would be paying £8.99 + £8.99 since it is in multiples of 6. This way you’ll only be paying £1.50 per pack! Spread the word: Your friends get hungry too! So spread this Sixalicious news far and wide in your digital seas and let your near and dear know how to save big and feast big at the same time.

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