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No Thanks! Foods you should avoid.

No Thanks! Foods you should avoid.

Life is full of choices. Your last step decides what your next step will be. A healthy lifestyle can go a long way in maintaining joy in your life. Consequently, we’ve charted out a few foods that you must avoid at all costs for a fit life. Fruit juices: “How could fruit juices be on this list?”, we hear you ask. Consider this. An orange takes you 10 minutes to finish eating, whereas a bottle of orange juice containing 4 oranges takes less than a minute to down. Eating fruits instead of juices helps you stay satiated for a longer period of time and also bypasses the harmful fructose content generously added in juices. orange Microwave popcorn: Along with the colourful packaging of microwave popcorn comes a slew of questionable ingredients. Add to the fact that some of these microwaveable packs are coated with carcinogenic chemicals that pose a huge risk. So the next time you decide to Netflix and Fill, make your own popcorn sourced from organic stores. Factory farmed meat: The meat you get from the local departmental store is the result of livestock being fed with hormones and unnatural diets littered with pesticides. As an alternative, opt for meat bought from your trusted neighbourhood local store. Table salt: Your inconspicuous dining table member could actually be harming you. What starts as a natural product from mined salt, gradually started being overshadowed by harmful chemicals used in the process of making refined salt. As always, there’s an alternative – use Himalayan or Celtic Sea Salt in your future cooking endeavours. Got anything else to add? Share them in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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