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We decoded Game of Thrones characters, and found ourselves.

We decoded Game of Thrones characters, and found ourselves.

The best thing about the HBO hit-series Game of Thrones must be the interesting characters. The characters we come across in Game of thrones are well fleshed out with individualistic quirks and unique personalities of their own. Much like the people we come across in real life. Sure, there’s no one we could possibly know who could own dragons and come back from death. But you can find the basic, stripped-down version of some GOT characters in our daily lives. Here’s how to spot them. game-of-thrones Studious Sam He is the timid, heavy guy. He’s not into sports. Definitely a bookworm. The best thing about Sam-types is that their quick minds make up for their hulking bodies. The most important thing about them however is their affection and kindness towards people. Fitness Points: The only things we lift are heavy books! Never-relaxed Ned Neds are dutiful, devoted and steadfast. ‘Responsibility’ and ‘Family’ are their biggest concerns. Trust is something they spend lavishly on a lot of people, costing them a lot of trouble. They are firmly honest and straightforward about everything, making them easy targets for silly pranks and serious traps.  Fitness Points: They gloriously suck at Work-life balance and never find any time to exercise. Selfie-Queen Daenerys They love pets. They don’t care about people’s opinions. They just go ahead and do what they think is the best. While their fiery attitude is instantly attractive, it does seem a little pushy at times. And, it’s beyond certain that you would not want to mess with them. Fitness Points: Set Goals. Achieve them. Repeat. Coach who? Fire em. Zen-Ninja Arya They skilfully assassinate gender-stereotypes. They are highly energetic, wild and wilful. The Aryas of the world don’t believe in negativity. They are blessed to have the best teachers in every stage of their lives. In Spite of all their greatness, they do not have a shred of pride or snobbery in them. It must be because they had learned the life’s greatest lesson – That everybody has to die. Fitness Points: Practice makes a man or woman or ‘No one’ perfect! Tough-to-define Tyrion Now, this is a character that’s the definition of complex. You can never predict a Tyrion. They don’t belong in categories. These free-spirited souls irresistibly seek all the pleasures of life and don’t let their disadvantages come in between what they try to achieve. They fall in the morally grey area, where they are neither evil, nor good. Fitness Points: If only wine and sex could magically make you fit! ‘Hodors’ repeat themselves to the level of insanity. ‘Jon Snows’ know nothing and act bravely nevertheless. ‘Varys’ vary their alliances, ‘Tywins’ are freakishly calculative and ‘Theons’ suffer from a serious lack of character. There are dozens of other characters on Game of thrones with shades of character reflecting people around us. Next time you watch GOT, find out who you are!

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