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An introduction to The Superfoods – The heroes of a healthy life.

An introduction to The Superfoods – The heroes of a healthy life.

Like the air we breathe, the water we drink, food is a survival thing. We cannot do without it. But unlike water and air, the need for food can be satisfied by an infinite variety of various food items to choose from. So, what do we eat ? That is the question. We are constantly being bombarded by a myriad of options, recommendations and prescriptions. But, there are some foods that eclipse all others in a major way. These are the Superfoods. When you take in these miracle foods into your diet, you are doing yourself a great service. Packed with nutrients, vitamins and amazing antioxidants, these super-healthy food items are making waves in the world of fitness and health-conscious lifestyle. So, Let’s spend some time exploring our superheroes. eatwater-superfood Sweet sherlock, The Blueberries These cancer-fighting, brain-strengthening berries can be eaten frozen or fresh and is deemed by nutritions as the king of antioxidant foods!  With the highest density of antioxidants found in any fruit, blueberries effectively decrease risks like obesity, diabetes and heart disease while boosting brain power. Start stocking up these sweet, succulent berries.   Plus-sized Maestro, The Avocado In experts’ opinion, These green-skinned berries are blessed with the best kind of fat there is. The creamy, buttery pulp of an avocado is insanely yummy and incredibly nutrient-dense! You can blend a smoothie with it, slide it into your salads, use it as an alternative for butter in baked goods and there are countless other ways you can get creative with avocados.   Guardians of the body, The Cruciferous Vegetables Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflowers and Brussels Sprouts are all cruciferous vegetables that are surprisingly rich in a wide variety of nutrients and minerals that helps the body maintain its metabolism in the best way. These low calorie superfoods owe their tremendous benefits to a compound called Sulforaphane, also bestowing them with disease-fighting qualities. Eat them raw, steamed, sauteed or roasted. Veggies like cabbage and brussels sprouts are easy to cook and can also go along perfectly with meat making them meal-friendly.   A green Power Ranger duo, The Spinach and Kale Thanks to popeye, a lot of us are already aware of the super healthy (If not supernatural) benefits of spinach. But, the beneficial properties of the other dark, leafy greens are not adequately known. Take kale. It’s a nutritional powerhouse. With sky-high fiber levels and zero-fat, Kale acts as an effective detoxifier, fighting all the bad guys bullying around in your system. So, be it the bluish green kale or the bright green spinach, it’s wise to accommodate more greens in your dinner tables.   A hulk of nutrients, The Whole Grains For starters, whole grains are a whole lot healthier than the refined alternatives. But, that’s definitely not everything. Containing a lot of fiber, a whole grain meal makes you feel fuller longer, thus helping you with weight management. Whole grains can help you keep your blood pressure and blood sugar under check, while effectively reducing your cholesterol  levels too! Isn’t that a wholesome solution to the lifestyle diseases of 21st century?   Impressed with the extraordinary benefits of these superfoods? We still haven’t covered plenty of others like Sweet Potatoes, Salmon and Almonds which deserve the ‘super’ status. Think of Avengers, The Justice league or The X-men. Superfoods belong right there, along with other superhero leagues that strive to save humanity from trouble. Except, they are not fictional.  

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