Cooking Healthy with Ease- Slim No Drain No Odour Collection

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important to keep your body active and disease-free. While exercising is an essential thing to achieve that feat, eating healthy is more important. No matter how much one tries, cooking your own healthy meals 3 times a day after working a 9-hour shift is next to impossible. That’s why Eat Water has launched its new range of high nutrients Slim No Drain No Odour pasta, noodles & rice. No Drain means that you will not have to cook your pasta noodles separately- which saves both time and energy. Slim range of No Drain pasta, noodles & rice is odourless and hence cause no trouble while cooking at all.

Assorted pack of Slim No Drain No Odour

No Drain & No Odour simply means that you will not have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen to prepare the meals and that there will be no foul after-smell either. Cooking pasta or noodle often leaves a pungent odour. But that is not the case with this Assorted Slim collection. This Slim Assorted Collection contains a huge range of Slim Noodles, Slim Rice & Slim Pastas. All the meals take a maximum of 2 minutes to cook. Made with Juroat C- flour obtained by developing konjac flour further. Konjac is popularly eaten in Japan and is famous for its high fibre content and low carbohydrates. Let's dive a bit deeper in the Slim No Drain No Odour variants.

Slim Rice & Noodles - No Drain No Odour

This ready-to-eat in one-minute Slim Rice pack is the ideal raw ingredient for all those who are on a time leash. As evident, this Slim no drain rice & noodles can be cooked within a minute only. Mix it up with your favourite sauce or sautéed vegetables to get a tasty nutrient-packed meal. Slim rice is prepared with a special flour named Juroat C – developed by Eat Water itself. The best part is that this Slim Rice meal of yours only has 25 calories per serving whereas 1 serving of generic rice has 206 calories. There are two versions of rice available: generic & sticky; along with the conventional noodles. Slim Sticky rice containing 53kcal, are also a perfect choice to roll some nutrient-packed Shushi rolls.

Slim Pasta - No Drain No Odour

Slim Pasta range has a wide variety of products for you to choose from Pasta Fettuccine, Pasta Spaghetti & Pasta Penne. All these variants are made from the same Juroat C flour- a development on Konjac flour from Japan. All variants from the pasta collection essentially contain only 35 calories hence does not add anything sustainable to your carbohydrate consumption. Slim pasta takes at the same ease to cook as the rice and the noodles. Open boil or microwave for 1-2 minutes and its ready to eat. Combine with your choice of pasta sauce or choose Eat Water range of Slim Sauce. Made with Non-GMO Konjac flour, all variants of this pasta are high in fibre and contain negligible carbs to support you in your diet plans.