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Life changing food discovery: Slim Noodles

Today’s post is a little bit different and I couldn’t wait to share it with you. I love food – it is something that excites me and something I enjoy a lot. I hate junk food and unhealthy stuff, but I am a perfect example of a healthy eater who is fat anyway. It is very easy for me to eat too much healthy food and I am still struggling to get rid of all the post-pregnancy weight (I gained a lot). To reduce the amount of calories I am eating, without compromising on flavour and portion size, I looked into trying Slim Noodles (rice, pasta etc) and I am left absolutely amazed with the possibilities. It is a life changing product for me and I decided to make it a big part of my diet. If you like food (especially noodles and Chinese dishes), you will love all the products I am about to mention. I am not being paid for this and I bought every single packet myself, I just want to share my discovery, because it could help you control your calorie intake or actually help you lose weight. Here are the facts about the range, found on the Eat Water website: “Each product within the range contains a natural blend of Konjac vegetable flour and oat fibre (JuroatTM) (Slim Rice® – only konjac flour) that can keep you gently full for up to four hours after eating. Besides being highly absorbent and a tasty accompaniment to soups, pasta sauces and curries, each product contains a new and improved formula to provide a better bite and texture compared to other konjac-based foods. Consumed in Asia for many centuries, the healthy konjac plant is a completely natural, safe and fibrous food that helps you feel satisfied after mealtimes without the calorific consequences.” Amazing! I usually avoid noodles and pasta, unless it’s in my chicken noodle soup, simply because they are high in calories, even when you switch to the whole meal option. After trying Slim Noodles, I am excited about adding more stir fries and pasta based dishes to my diet, without adding extra calories and I think it will have a big impact on my weight loss. So far, I know that thanks to the high glucomannan content, I am feeling fuller for longer and my metabolism is much faster! My favourite product from the range – Slim Noodles. I actually prefer them to rice and egg noodles and I am slightly obsessed! I very rarely eat stir fries with noddles, but now I can enjoy them every single day and keep the calorie content really low or add some nutritious sides if I want to. Fantastic! The texture is slightly more chewy than other noodles, but I love it! All of the pastas and noodles have 21 calories per 100g and the rice has only 7 calories per 100g. The packet says that it contains 1-2 servings, but let’s be honest- it is 1 serving, so 42 or 14 calories per packet, depending on the variety. PREP: Make sure to rinse the noodles/rice/pasta really well. They are preserved in water with a fishy smell, but I promise you that the actual noodles have absolutely no fishy flavour and they will absorb all the amazing herbs and spices you want to include in your recipe. You can heat them up in the microwave or in a pan/wok when you are making your meal, with the latter being my go to method. They don’t require cooking, like ordinary noodles/pasta/rice. My favourite way to flavour these is with soy sauce, garlic and chilli, but I also prepared them with curry powder today and they were insanely tasty! YUM! Add stir fried veggies, chicken, Quorn pieces, use them in a ramen etc. You won’t regret it and you might lose a few pounds too (if that’s your intention). WEIGHT LOSS/BALANCED DIET: PS. I make sure to eat 1200-1500 a day (I am on a weight loss journey) and for the first time in my life, I can add more nutritious things to my meals without worrying about the calorie content. I can stir fry my veg in coconut oil and it won’t make my meal a high calorie feast. I will be able to have a big salmon fillet with my stir fry, a generous serving of nutritious freshly made pesto, or a full avocado as a side and still stay within my allowance. Just imagine how thankful my skin will be for all the extra healthy fats I can now add to my diet :) PRICE: The RRP of the Slim Noodles, rice and pasta is £2.50 per packet, but you can get them half price sometimes or in the H&B 1p sale now (That’s where I bought mine). If I can see dramatic weight loss results, I will pay full price, but if not, I will just buy them on sale when I have a chance. Slim Rice is delicious too and you can have it with stir fries or currys. Again, make sure to rinse it properly to get rid of the fishy smell. It doesn’t have the texture of rice, but I am willing to sacrifice that, considering the difference in calories. 14 calories per pack – AMAZING! The two photos below show rice based dishes I made with Slim Rice. You can easily substitute rice or Slim Rice with ‘cauliflower rice’, but I know that it is more time consuming (and it makes me bloated) and if you need a lazy option, this is perfect. I also tried the Slim Pasta Penne in an Italian pasta dish (left photo above), with tomato sauce, chicken, veggies and olives and it was nice, but the bits of pasta are quite big and you might be put off by the texture. I was fine with it, but my husband and his dad were disgusted :) haha. I am seriously addicted to this stuff and I can see myself eating Slim Noodles for the rest of my life! I just wish they were slightly cheaper. I haven’t tried the spaghetti and fettucine yet, but I can imagine them being slightly less enjoyable than the rice and noodles. Basically, the thinner, smaller the noodles/pasta, the nicer the texture. There are other brands available on the market, like Zero Noodles, Skinny Pasta etc, but I decided to go for Slim Noodles, because of the H&B offer. For more details, Click here