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Slim Sauces

Make Your Food Tasty With Minimum Calorie

Slim Sauces

While we are on a diet or gymming, we often tend to restrain ourselves from consuming our favorite dishes, sauces, and syrups in order to avoid excessive intake of calories. However, we always long for an alternative to come by and put us out of misery and longing for our favorite foods. But wait… there are alternatives, yes, for now, we have a range of Slim Sauce by EatWater which serve as a sweet escape from calories without compromising on the taste.

These are low-calorie sauces to help curb your urges and are fat-free, gluten-free and lactose-free alternatives suitable for you. The Slim Sauces are available in a variety of flavors for daily consumption. They aren’t going to let you feel the difference.

Try these flavors once and get hooked once you try them:

Caramelize All Your Dishes

Caramel Sauce

The Caramel flavor Slim Sauce is the ultimate flavor sauce for any caramel lover. The perfect alternative which can be used in your favorite foods, desserts and on top of your Sunday pancakes and waffles. You can now enjoy your calorie-less sweet Caramel Sauce keeping your diet on track.

Add Some Taste With Garlic And Herbs

Garlic Sauce

While dieting, we have to cut down on almost all types of our favorite foods and most of the ones that add flavor and taste to our dishes. As a solution to this problem, EatWater has brought to you the best Slim Sauces in Garlic and Herb to add flavour to your dull everyday, diet food. Add all the Garlic Sauce to your food you want without any worries about gaining weight.

Nothing is Ever Too Chocolaty

Chocolate Sauce

Are you a chocolate lover? Do you gain weight easily and are not able to have chocolates anymore? Then this Chocolate Slim Sauce is the perfect alternative for you. The Chocolate Sauce can be used in all your favorite foods and health drinks. Life will be no less sweet from here on. Eat all the Chocolate Sauce without worrying about the calories and keep a check on your diet.

Basics Tomatoes Are The Best

Tomato Ketchup

Even the tomato ketchup we consume on a daily basis contains much calories we never knew it did. One of the most used daily sauce in our households is none other than the tomato ketchups. With this EatWater alternative Tomato Sauce, you don’t need to worry about calories anymore. Relish this calorie-free tomato ketchup as a side with your sandwiches or grill your meats with it.

So, with these tasty alternatives of high-calorie sauces, you neither have to compromise on your taste nor your tight dieting regime.