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Carb-less Carbs for a Delectable Meal, Anyone?

Carb-less Carbs for a Delectable Meal, Anyone?

Just returned from your daily workout and crave something new and delicious? When you go to the gym, do yoga, attend Pilate’s classes or follow any type of fitness routine, you learn to count your calories. If you are one of those people who save every calorie where they can, then this is the right place for you. To stay fit and true to your health, you can never deny the fact that workout and the dreaded calculation of calories go hand in hand, but what if we told you that you could keep your fitness goals in line and have the most delectable meal without the littlest bit of guilt? Surprised? Well, don’t be, because, with the eat water range of slim pasta and noodles, everything is possible!

The Secret You Have Been Waiting For

Noodles are indigenous to Asia but we all know they are a beloved delicacy around the world, it’s a shame they are high in carbohydrates and add to the waistline and not just to flavor! But wait, don’t let your hopes die. You don’t have to eradicate the thought of a warm bowl of noodles just for the sake of fitting into the perfect dress, maintaining the desired waistline or just because you have so seen all your life that noodles are unhealthy! Have a seat, because we have some news that you'll need time to wrap your head around. Eat Water present to you, the finest quality Konjac Carb X Noodles, with only 35 calories per serving!  How does that sound after a vigorous Cardio?

Easy as Pie

It’s difficult to follow a healthy diet as it is, being a fitness enthusiast just makes it even harder, especially if you are working around the clock. They eat water collection of healthy alternatives to carbs lets you prepare your meals within minutes and satiate your hunger with a mere count of 35 calories from the Carb X Noodles with each meal. All you have to do is heat the noodles in a pan for 1-2 minutes and ad your favorite healthy toppings. Stir in some sauce, toss the noodles in some fresh salad or create an exotic stir-fry, there are endless recipes of wonder with this limited calorie product!

The Healthy Way

The zero-calorie Slim Pasta and Carb X ranges of noodles, fettuccine, penne, rice and all those staples you have been looking away from with a heavy heart are now all yours to relish. Not only is cooking a quick and easy process, but the Carb X Noodles are also protein controlled, fat-free, sugar-free and come in controlled portions. They are ideal for those who have wheat or gluten allergies as they contain none, and they are perfect for plant-based diets. With numerous health benefits in one meal, these Konjac noodles are the perfect pick for you and even your family!

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