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A very veggie and vegan Christmas!

A very veggie and vegan Christmas!

Being a veggie or vegan isn’t so hard nowadays. Chain cafes with great vegan options line the highstreets, tofu can be found in corner shops, and you’re rarely served a salad when eating out. But when it comes to Christmas there is still a focus on meat. Turkey is the centerpiece – an iconic symbol of Christmas. So, how do you avoid it? We’ve put together a quick guide to help you avoid meat this Christmas, whether you’re a strict no-meater or just want to cut back on your meat and dairy intake this Winter.


Packs of canapés often have dairy in them. To avoid this, try making a few simples nibbles at home. Drips like hummus and guacamole are super simple to make and are great for nibbles. Or, fry up mushrooms and garlic and serve on some crusty toasted bread for a quick appetiser. A lot of pre-made pastry is vegan so making a guilt-free quiche or tart can be very simple. If all else fails, fan favorites, nuts, crackers, and crips are always veggie (and usually vegan!) and always go down well with a tasty chutney or dip.


Instead of using goose or duck fat to coat your roasties, splash a tiny bit of olive oil on them or drizzle a spoonful of Marmite over them for flavour. Want extra crunchy potatoes? Throw some flour on them for tasty and crispy potatoes! vegan xmas christmas

Main Course

A nut roast is a classic go-to for veggies and vegans. It’s tasty and works really well with gravy. If a nut roast isn’t your thing you can buy no-meat wellingtons or make a simple one at home: try mushrooms, garlic, and spinach, then add to pre-made pastry. Pop in the oven and hey presto you’ve got a quick mushroom wellington.


While veggies can eat cheese, vegans cannot. Luckily, you’d be surprised how many vegan kinds of cheese there are in the supermarket. Most supermarkets have their own range of vegan cheese – but be warned, the taste of vegan cheese is not for everyone. It’s certainly worth trying one or two alongside your cheese board to offer guests a range of flavours. Who knows, you might like it!

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